Free Webinar: Virtual Desktops for Remote Workforce

Virtual Desktops are a tremendous tool for making remote workers productive. In this webinar, you’ll learn: What is a Virtual Desktop? How does it make remote workers as productive as being in the office? How do virtual desktops stop malware? Join us on Tuesday, March 31st at 1:00 pm EDT, for a 15-minute online webinar. Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting...

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops Webinar

ComputerVault 15 Minute Webinar and Demo: Every Tuesday at 11:00 am EST The ComputerVault webinar on 10/23/19 was oversubscribed. The number of people that wanted to attend greatly exceeded our expectations. So, we’re adding another one for the people that couldn’t get into the conference. We apologize for your inconvenience and we’ll be sure to increase the capacity for the next webinar.   Learn more about ...

VDI That Works
VDI That Works
Posted by Paul Angelo / September 28, 2019

Would you like to see a demonstration of a Virtual Desktop product that actually works? Check out Advans’ ComputerVault VDI product Demo System. At this link you can request a demo account to use a virtual desktop and view the functionality of its administrative console. The virtual desktop and administrative console may be accessed from anywhere in the world using standard broadband Internet with either a browser or a software client whi...

Benefits of ComputerVault
Posted by Paul Angelo / August 29, 2019

A ComputerVault Private Cloud with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is both more secure and less expensive than buying and supporting physical servers and PC's. The advanced digital security of netPulz Virtual Networking coupled with virtual desktops isolates corporate data from malware. Watch this video to see all the benefits.

ComputerVault Subscription
Posted by Paul Angelo / August 26, 2019

ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is available on a subscription basis. There are no Capital Expenditures for using ComputerVault and it costs less than buying and supporting physical PC’s and servers. The subscription includes support and hardware replacement. This short video explains how it works.