Apocalypto Outsourcing
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2017
Category Advans

We’ve all heard horror stories about outsourcing, particularly when it is offshore.

But the issues are real. Often, prospects meet only the experienced and qualified staff people. Customers assume that the staff working for them is just as qualified, only to later learn they are not. Engagements are very difficult to terminate, and you are still stuck with transitioning to a new support vendor or in-sourcing, while you are paying the existing vendor. Lastly, vendors are very specific with what they will do and what they won’t. Any work outside the contract scope is expensive.

Don’t get taken in by: 

• Bait ‘n Switch on Staff Experience/Qualifications
• High Add-On Charges
• Unwieldy Contracts

Advans never does the Bait ‘n Switch with our staff. We use dedicated resources whenever possible and avoid add-on charges. Plus we have Outsourcing Technology Solutions to enhance our customer’s experience with us.

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