Capital Preservation
Posted by Paul Angelo on July 08, 2020
Category ComputerVault

In difficult and uncertain times, every business wants to ensure they have the capital required to continue operating - Shifting Capital Expenditures to Operating Expenses.

CapEx reduction strategies include pay-as-you-go services, subscription services, clouds, and outsourced managed services. This includes reducing or eliminating manual processes, for cost cutting. Software automation results in massive savings.

This is actually the ComputerVault business model. ComputerVault software is a private cloud:

  • Licensed with a monthly subscription, like a public cloud.
  • Subscription includes support for each customer’s deployment

Built-in Software Automation: we support each individual customer’s deployment whether they are onsite and offsite from our Network Operations Center.

No Labor Costs: customers do not need to hire software administrators. We do that for you.

Hardware Included: With our OEM partners, our customers can bundle new hardware purchases for servers and storage into the ComputerVault subscription, and eliminate the CapEx costs for hardware.

Private Cloud: you can have a ComputerVault private cloud onsite, in a colo, in an offsite datacenter, and it’s licensed and supported like a public cloud, but without sharing your data with a third-party:

  • No CapEx – subscription includes software, support and hardware
  • No Labor – no need to hire software administrators

Pay as you Go – Hardware included. Also, check out “What is ComputerVault?” on our YouTube page.

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