Citrix is Dead...Long Live netPulz!
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2017
Category netPulz

The CEO of Citrix was just ousted. Earlier this year, Citrix courted Dell hoping to get acquired. Dell left Citrix at the altar and proposed to EMC. The new Citrix CEO is going to sell off the crown jewels and dress Citrix up to dance with other suitors.

The reason? Citrix only offers desktop virtualization and never penetrated the datacenter like VMware did. Virtual desktops solutions for End-user computing have a great deal of computing overhead and are expensive. VMware is competing with Citrix in the EUC space too.

Advans says, “Use netPulz instead:”

  • Do the same things that Citrix does only do them at the network level
  • No computing overhead with netPulz – better performance
  • Very economical solutions when compared to virtual EUC products
  • netPulz works in the LAN, as a thin client, and in the WAN

Since netPulz is a network solution, all applications run natively – everywhere. There’s no need for any virtualization. This is true for site-to-site connectivity between networks as well as individual users.

Find out how netPulz programmable networking eliminates costly virtualization software and lets you run your applications just like you are sitting at your desk in the office – whether you are in a coffee house in Seattle or a hotel room in Timbuktu.

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