Cloud Migration with netPulz
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2017
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The netPulz Transparent Network Appliance from Advans ( embeds the complexities of networking in software hosted on the appliance. By creating a Virtual Private LAN, (“VPLAN”) between two sites, Advans has created a site-to-site managed service VPLAN connection as a WAN replacement. Furthermore, Advans remotely manages the appliances so there is no local administration. Generally, the only administration required is for making configuration changes to the netPulz network, as the netPulz software manages the network automatically.

The netPulz appliance is the only networking technology capable of creating a Virtual Private LAN using the ordinary Internet backbone. This is significant, since ordinary Internet connections are far less expensive than dedicated telecom circuits.

The advantage of a VPLAN over a traditional WAN, is that it is much simpler for the end user since it seamlessly connects the sites at either end of the connection. Both locations appear to the end user as part of one local-area network, even if one side of the network is a cloud. Managing such a network offers flexibility that a traditional WAN cannot match, and it is this architecture that makes cloud migrations very easy.

To see a real world example, please download the following white paper that explains the details: netPulz Cloud Migration

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