ComputerVault: too good to be true?
Posted by Peo Nathan on May 16, 2017
Category ComputerVault

We are proud to announce ComputerVault, a virtualization and network cluster technology platform that isolates corporate data from hackers, ransomware, malware etc. with data fail-safe, backup and disaster recovery solution. This includes virtual PCs and servers for your office so that you do not have to buy any more PCs or servers ever again!

ComputerVault is geared towards SMBs. ComputerVault is installed at your site and that means your data and files remain at your site, monitored and supported 24x7. Clustering means that you have 100% data fail-safe built-in and that you will not even notice if any of the components in the ComputerVault stops working. Corporate data and applications continue to be available ensuring a 100% business continuity as long as you have electric power in the office!

ComputerVault have much more computing power than the single server you could buy in retail for the price of ComputerVault. Yet, it hosts all your virtual PCs, servers with fail-safe corporate data, firewall, remote access, monitoring and 24x7 support. The way ComputerVault is implemented and supported, we will guarantee full compliance with PCI, HIPAA, PHI, SOX, SOC, GMP and all Federal & State Privacy Laws.

All these sound too good to be true? It is true, contact us at and we will tell you how we can offer a product and service like this. ComputerVault will change your perspective forever on how you manage your IT systems and support at your office or at any of your remote locations.

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