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Posted by Paul Angelo on September 21, 2019
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The ComputerVault is guaranteed to give SMB’s:

100% Onsite: Sits in your office. All data and files, remain onsite.

100% Uptime: Never Crashes because of 100% data failsafe and redundancy.

100% Secure: All corporate data and files are isolated from the Internet.

Less expensive than supporting your current servers and PC’s with average savings of:

66% Reduction in Hardware Costs & 50% Reduction in Support Costs

Initial 1-Time Cost: about $1000 for each server you are currently using.

Example, if you have 3 existing physical servers, we’ll create a ComputerVault for $3000 which will have a minimum of 2 clustered blade servers. This includes the cost of moving all your servers and desktops into the ComputerVault.

Monthly Cost: Seat license with two levels of support:

Level 1 - $25/desktop/month, includes:

• Software Licensing

• Advans supports for the software stack

• 24x7 Monitoring & Alerting (for your staff and ours)

• Secure Remote Access to the ComputerVault for uses outside the office

For companies with their own IT Staff or IT Vendor. Advans provides access to the ComputerVault management tools with documentation and training.

Level 2 - $50/desktop/month, includes:

• Level 1 Support

• 24x7 Remote Desktop Support by Advans’ engineers

For desktops, Level 1 is just $250/month and Level 2 is just $500/month. The ComputerVault pays for itself in the hardware savings alone.

Click here to dowload the brochure of ComputerVault

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