End to End Virtual Desktop Solution with ComputerVault and Lenovo
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2021
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ComputerVault has certified Lenovo hardware for its ability to deliver ComputerVault Virtual Desktops with performance that is faster than a local PC or Laptop both in the LAN and WAN. The combination of Lenovo ThinkSystem servers and Lenovo personal computing devices, ThinkPad, ThinkBook and ThinkCentre as ComputerVault virtual desktop clients, provide a complete end-to-end software and hardware solution.

Lenovo’s inclusion of ComputerVault software in its global ecosystem of Value-Added Resellers means customers now have a single vendor point of contact delivering the solution provided by one global OEM.

ComputerVault’s Managed Service Delivery Model eliminates any barriers of adoption for customers. Since ComputerVault deploys the solution and provides ongoing software administration and support as part of the software license, it has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any virtualization or virtual desktop product. This model, and Lenovo’s global product delivery reach, makes it easy for any VAR to become a reseller partner.

The new normal of “work from anywhere” is still gaining acceptance and pairing ComputerVault’s Virtual Desktop software with Lenovo servers and end clients provides customers with an unmatched level of confidence and service.

Partnering with Lenovo delivers a true end-to-end software and hardware solution. For more information about how ComputerVault and Lenovo work together, please see the following:

ComputerVault Certifies Lenovo ThinkSystem

Hosting ComputerVault on Lenovo ThinkSystem

ComputerVault Certifies Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkBook and ThinkCentre

ComputerVault is a Single Platform Solution that includes Virtual Desktops, Virtual Application Servers, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, Internet-of-Things Edge-to-Core Management, Virtual Networking, Soft VoIP and private video conferencing.

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