Hybrid IT Part II: Leveraging Technology
Posted by Paul Angelo on August 01, 2018
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The goals of IT resource management are to increase competitiveness while delivering high quality service and minimizing costs. Advans recommends that companies do the following to attain these goals:

  • Manage your own Infrastructure and Applications with multiple vendors
  • Avoid wholesale IT outsourcing, i.e., outsourcing all IT functions to one vendor
  • Leverage technology to maximize results

This newsletter is the second in a three-part series focusing on how to Leverage Technology.

Advans uses the concept of “Hybrid IT”, to place computing and human resources in their most advantageous locations for service delivery and cost.

Advans distributed computing architecture places computing resources on premises, in clouds or in data centers so that they all act as if they are contained in the same LAN. Similarly, team members may be onsite, onshore or offshore and blended together as one unit. This is done without additional connectivity solutions, e.g., Citrix or other virtualization tools, and their added computing overhead and cost.

Distributed computing and teams mean that change occurs much faster as you can take advantage of commoditized products and services wherever they may be, without performance penalties. You are free to selectively place high value-added resources in locations where they deliver the most value without breaking the budget.

Prior technology revolutions were about productivity. Today, it’s about creating new, disruptive models for competitive advantage. It also means all your data is not in one basket, and that makes it less vulnerable.

Advanced network security and performance optimization are built into the architecture of all Advans Distributing Computing products. Because in an ever-changing marketplace, speed matters.

The next newsletter in the series will focus on effective and secure Human Resources.

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