Hybrid IT Part III: Workforce Solutions
Posted by Paul Angelo on September 18, 2018
Category Advans

The goals of IT resource management are to increase competitiveness while delivering high quality service and minimizing costs. Advans recommends that companies do the following to attain these goals:

  • Manage your own Infrastructure and Applications with multiple vendors
  • Avoid wholesale IT outsourcing, i.e., outsourcing all IT functions to one vendor
  • Leverage technology to maximize results

This newsletter is the third in a three-part series focusing on how to manage Human Resources.

Advans uses the concept of “Hybrid IT”, to place computing and human resources in their most advantageous locations. This is important because Professional Services IT Delivery has been commoditized. The productivity gains from IT deployment have been wrung out and now what is needed are new, disruptive models for competitive advantage.

Advans has 2 Services to deliver competitive solutions for Human Resources:

Workforce Solutions: maximize Contingent Labor performance while reducing costs. It’s based on innovation, scale and a suite of proprietary software; GJobs and its Workplace Solutions Management System.

Blended Teams: to deliver IT services with onsite/onshore/offshore members seamlessly integrated with Advans Distributed Computing products. Proper team management ensures that productivity is high while taking advantage of commoditized products, services and labor regardless of location.

By integrating the best existing technologies and making them relevant and effective for clients, Advans delivers high quality IT service delivery and staffing for increased customer competitiveness.

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