Hybrid IT and Workforce Solutions, Part I
Posted by Paul Angelo on June 18, 2018
Category Advans

The goals of IT resource management are to Increase Productivity and Lower Costs without compromising Quality of Service. No one wants to pay more than what is necessary or deliver poor quality service.

This newsletter is the first in a three-part series on how to achieve these goals by doing the following:

  • Manage your own Infrastructure and Applications with multiple vendors
  • Avoid wholesale IT outsourcing, i.e., outsourcing all IT functions to one vendor
  • Leverage technology to maximize results

Advans uses the concept of “Hybrid IT”, to achieve these goals. Borrowing from the notion of Hybrid Cloud Architecture, Hybrid IT places computing and human resources in their most advantageous locations.

Advans has developed distributing computing technologies to host resources on premises, in clouds or in data centers to maximize their performance and security. Simultaneously, these technologies provide for locating staff onsite, onshore or offshore with no loss of productivity, and the opportunity to follow the sun.

Coupled with a unique Workforce Solutions model, Advans delivers the best human resources available at the best cost. Advans has implemented this model for several large customers to manage their IT workforce globally.

The end result is a methodology to lower overall IT costs, increase staff productivity while delivering high quality service to both internal and external customers.

The next blog in the series will focus on effective and secure Hybrid Computing Resources.

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