Protecting IP with ComputerVault VDI
Posted by Paul Angelo on August 07, 2019
Category ComputerVault

Intellectual Property is not just a target for hackers. Other risks include, former employees and members of your supply chain. Preventing the theft of IP, particularly by those that work offsite or offshore is a nightmare.

A common situation occurs when outsourcing and/or offshoring software development. Code is easy to steal. Having developers and other staff use virtual desktops is a well-known way to solve this issue.

But the virtual desktop products that companies are familiar with, suffer from poor performance, hindering productivity, and high cost. Advans solves those issues with ComputerVault VDI - virtual desktops that:

  • Perform as well as a PC
  • Cost less than buying and supporting PC’s

 ComputerVault virtual desktops are deployed as a Desktop-as-a-Service with a subscription.

In fact, Advans has users in India connecting to virtual desktops hosted in our Marlborough, Massachusetts datacenter, using nothing more than broadband Internet and thin clients that cost less than $200.

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