Top 10 Things to Avoid at Workplace
Posted by on May 14, 2015
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 Don’t Leave Your Desk Without Your Cell Phone

Leaving your cell phone on your desktop can be very disruptive to your colleagues, if it rings. Keep your cell phone along with you, or put it on a silent mode, choice is entirely yours!

Don’t Walk around the Office Place as If You Own It

Confidence is considered good, but boastfulness is a sin. So, do not roam around unnecessarily at your office place. It gives impression to others that you are arrogant.  Be wise and keep your smartness under control.  Be easy and genuine in office. This will make you a person who is liked by everyone in office, instead of be the one who is bitched.

Don’t Peep into Others’ Desktops

Your habit of peeping into others’ laptop or desktop is a habit that can annoy the most to your colleagues. Control the urge of seeing into others’ system. Say a big ‘NO’ to this if you own this habit, especially in their absence. Ensure you’re not that annoying employee of your company, and do not fall into the category of ‘peeping tom’ of office.

 Don’t Talk Evil or Gossip about the Boss and Co-Workers

Keep your personal grumble and juicy discoveries away from office. Avoid gossiping; though it is not easy to escape from it, as every nook and corner at work is surrounded by chit-chat mongers. It is not considered healthy to involve in talking evil about the boss and co-workers. Try to keep your tongue in control and don’t let others to nick-name you as a ‘gossip king’. Do think of the damage that gossiping can do to your image in the office.

Don’t Lie and Blame Others

The easy way out that you often find when you are in rough situation is to lie down or blame others for your misconduct.  By doing this, you don’t just put your reputation or standing at stake, but your job as well. Always play fair and stick toHonesty is the Best Policy’.

Don’t Steal Office Stationary

It is common for office goers to pick some office stationery like a paper, a folder, a pen or a print out, and carry the same to their homes. If it was not intentionally and happened by mistaken, then return the stationery next day. If you don’t return and deliberately indulge in it, then it is called STEALING. Doing so, once in a while is fine, but make sure it does not become your habit. If you are caught doing this regularly, you are going to be accountable and payable for this act of yours.

Don’t be Loud

Is your voice or laugh too loud for office? If yes, then keep your tone and sudden loud laugh in check, at your workplace. Your loud noises can be annoying to your colleagues. So, you better modulate your voice.   Learn to be a soft speaker, yet clear and audible.

Don’t Borrow Money

 Avoid borrowing money or other things from your co-workers or colleagues. It is advised to look outside your office-place for your financial and other needs. You are likely to lose respect when you approach your colleagues to meet your needs. Hence, never look for the helpers inside the workplace.

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