Why use a netPulz WAN?
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2017
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Every IT shop has the same problem – how do I do more with less? You need more bandwidth for application performance. Hackers are getting better all the time. Now in addition to your datacenters, you have the cloud. But you have less money and people than you really need.

A netPulz WAN gets you:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Cost Reduction
  • Greater Flexibility

For a netPulz WAN, all you need are netPulz appliances. They have unique security features that ordinary VPN’s, firewalls and other devices don’t have. With encrypted tunnels, like a VPN, netPulz allows you to use the Internet rather than MPLS circuits for your WAN. Since netPulz appliances are routers too, you can connect as many subnets as you want without additional network gear. With the ability to aggregate multiple connections and a virtual appliance for clouds, netPulz creates a Software-Defined WAN for any infrastructure. Plus, as a managed service, netPulz shifts costs from CapEx to OpEx.

Advans has a white paper comparing a netPulz SD WAN to traditional WAN’s at: http://www.advansit.com/pdfs/netPulz_VPLAN.pdf

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