10 Weird Facts You Didnt Know about Bruce Lee
Posted by lavanya bharathy on June 23, 2015
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Weird Fact #1: Bruce Lee voiced most of the English voices in his films!

Weird Fact #2: Apparently, he was a terrible driver!

Weird Fact #3: Bruce had bad eye-sight.

Weird Fact #4: Due to his bad eye sight, Bruce Lee was one of the first people to try contact lenses.

Weird Fact #5: Bruce Lee often wore his old, taped up ‘coke bottle’ glasses to remind himself of where he came from.

Weird Fact #6: His family called him “Little Phoenix”, they didn't call him Bruce.

Weird Fact #7: Was a champion Cha Cha Dancer in Hong Kong!

Weird Fact #8: Bruce Lee practised 5000 punches a day!

Weird Fact #9: Bruce Lee used to puncture cans with his fingers.

Weird Fact #10: Bruce personally trained a number of celebrities, including:

Steve McQueen
James Coburn
George Lazenby
Kareem Abdul Jabaar
Joe Lewis
Roman Polanski
Mike Stone
Chuck Norris (they trained together) 

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