11 most shocking global poverty facts
Posted by lavanya bharathy on June 25, 2015
Category Countries & Regional

1. More people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet.

2. Every year, developing countries are robbed of more than $1 trillion that could fight poverty, disease and hunger.

3. More than one-third of Africa lacks clean water.

4. Less than 1 percent of the US budget goes to fighting extreme poverty.

5. Between 1/4 and 1/3 of the 4 billion metric tons of food produced is lost or wasted.

6. 1.2 billion people live off $1.25 a day.

7.Of all the 26 countries where the rate of extreme poverty is over 40%, only 2 are NOT in sub-Saharan Africa.

8.Poor people in developing countries spend 60-80% of their income on food.

9. 8 out of 10 people in sub-Saharan Africa heat their home and cook food using open fires.

10.165 million people suffer from childhood malnutrition.

11. 3 million children die from malnutrition every year.



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