7 Better Reasons to Include Long Island in your Andaman Itinerary
Posted by Andaman TourTravel on May 20, 2020
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This is certainly not the famous Long Island of the US, but a small exotic landmass located towards the southeastern end of the Indian mainland and dwelled by very few people. Yet the thing to be conferred here is its boundless natural beauty. Out of the inhabited islands of the archipelago, the Long Island could be one of the unexplored, yet an amazing tourist destination. However, the unfortunate part is they are seldom ignored by many of the tourists holidaying in Andaman and Nicobar Islands due to its remoteness. And eventually, that could be the secret behind its breathtaking beauty. But still, if you have got that longing to stopover at the Long Island situated in Middle Andaman, you may inexorably do so. Furthermore, you have got some supporting points to prove your stance stronger. Listed below could be the reasons to include Long Island in your Andaman Travel Itinerary.

 Proximity with various other unexplored small islets

The geographical position of Long Island spread over an area of  18 sq km is in such a way that the splendid landmass is adjacent to the Strait Island, Guitar Island and Avis Island. On sailing to some more distances, you could even reach the Button Islands. Although both of them possess its spectacular beauty, you would need special permission from the Tourism Department, prior to your visit. Furthermore, once you had ventured out to this remotest inhabited island of Middle Andaman, an expedition to those adorable islets could be deemed as a mandatory thing to do. For which you contact your tour operator, and let them know of your new travel plans and make changes in your prescribed tour packages.

 Swim in the pristine Lalaji Bay

Lalaji Bay is deemed as one of the best spots in the entire archipelago for swimming. Even while swimming in these crystal clear seawaters, you will be able to spot the diverse aquatic organisms living in the waters here. The lively waves lashing over the shores make swimming across them a bit challenging if moved to certain parts of this beach. In addition to that, due care must be taken while venturing into some other parts of this Bay, as the saltwater crocodiles had been spotted earlier. Anyhow, if you are paying heed to your tour guides or the local, you do not have to get worried about these hazardous reptiles at the serene shore.

 Hike across the rainforest

The forest covers of Long Island are sumptuous just like the lush greenery possessed by any Andaman Island and Nicobar Island but makes them different for the fact that the former is home to some unique sort of deciduous trees along with the evergreen covers. You would be able to find them on the path leading to the Lalaji Bay from the boat jetty of Long Island, providing you with an astonishing opportunity to hike alongside the soothing greens. Moreover, you could jaunt across them very easily without any drastic uphill and valley

Diving could offer you some stunning views

The underwater sea alongside Long Island is indeed a marvel. Also, the people who do scuba diving are experts in their skills, as the ocean waters surrounding Long Island are a bit deeper rather than other islands. In deep water beyond the surface is home to some ethereal breed of coral reefs, vibrant fishes and other vivid underwater organisms. So if you also wish to indulge in scuba diving off a higher level, you may try the fascinating aquatic activity here in Long Island.

 The tranquil Merk Bay Beach

Even though the Merk Bay Beach is situated in the adjacent North Passage Island, they had been considered as a part of the Long Islands concerning its proximity with the Island. To arrive at this ethereal seashore, you will be required to hike across the dense mangrove covers. As they are an uninhabited region, the only sound you could get to hear are the lashings of the small waves to the soft white sandy beaches. Due to its remoteness, other than you, most probably very few tourists venture out to these pristine shores. Therefore, you could experience the absolute tranquillity at this part of the island.


Photographer’s paradise

The turquoise blue waters contrasting to the white sandy beach lined by numerous dense cover offers a spectacular backdrop to the nature photographers arriving here. Moreover, while clicking the snaps of these untouched virgin beaches, anyone could turn professional, concerning the arresting beauties of the beaches here. Even the view of the uprooted trees would provide astonishing frames for your photographs. They may also capture the pictures of various endemic birds and tall trees, to which the islands are a haven. In addition to that, various other small marine organisms will be seen moving on its sands freely as they won't be shooed away by any crowds here.


Unique creatures in the seashore

Apart from the fact that the shore near Long Island of Middle Andaman happens to be a favourite point for those friendly dolphins, you could also spot various unique creature that is endemic to these shores. Tourists coming from Kolkata will be reminded of the Cuban Gar that had swum to the lake of the city all the way from Central America, quite mysteriously. Migratory birds fleeing from different parts of the world are the next big thing to be watched out for. With such a diverse population of wildlife noted here, including Long Island in your tour packages will be really worth it.



How to reach there

In most usual cases, the ferries sailing to Long Island are made accessible from the Yerratta Boat Jetty of Ranghat, which is at a distance of 159 km from Port Blair City. And from Yerratta Jetty, the tourists have to voyage through the sea for almost 6 hours to arrive at the boat jetty of Long Island.


Now that you have got enough reasons to ply to the untouched beaches of Long Island, you may sojourn to them once booking the tour packages offered by Andaman Tour Travel.  You may arrange to stay in the island's eco-tourism huts which would indeed be a refreshing experience n your entire Andaman trip. You may also note that you are sparing enough days for holidaying in remote places like Long Island. Moreover, the tour operator would arrange exciting trips to the prominent tourist locations of the Andaman Islands. Book your travel deals with them today and make your expedition up to these amazing islands on your very next vacation.  The stunning views and the cool experiences that you gain from them will be remembered in your later lives forever.  

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