Advans Global Operations Center
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2017
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The Advans Global Operations center is a combination of a Network Operations Center, (“NOC”) and a Security Operations Center, (“SOC”). The GOC also includes IT administrative and testing software.

Global Operations Center/Datacenter Appliance

The Advans Global Operation Center (“GOC”) is like a Network Operations Center (“NOC”), except that Advans securely monitors not only peripheral network devices, i.e., firewalls, switches, routers, etc. like a NOC, but also individual servers, applications and databases. Therefore, an entire datacenter can be monitored from outside the firewall. To do this, Advans has developed a datacenter appliance consisting of a proprietary hardware and software platform. The appliance is connected to a client’s network, inside the datacenter, and it communicates with Advans’ Gateway with monitoring software suite hosted within the Advans private cloud in our datacenter. This provides secure, remote monitoring of all the assets outside the firewall.

Monitoring datacenters from outside the firewall yields several benefits. Firstly, clients no longer must license their own monitoring software, nor maintain servers and administrators to support their monitoring infrastructure, i.e., servers, storage, software and their associated administrators. Advans offers remote monitoring as a subscription service, resulting in an immediate cost savings in eliminating the client’s monitoring infrastructure. This is especially true of customers with multiple datacenters that must replicate their monitoring infrastructure within each datacenter. No access is available to the appliance itself, which both obviates its administration costs and makes it secure.

All the GOC monitoring software will be hosted in the Advans private cloud. Clients, therefore, will have the opportunity to log into the GOC monitoring software directly, with read-only accounts, for a real-time review of their entire infrastructure.

Once logged in, clients can review graphical output and online reports in addition to receiving regularly scheduled reports via email. Scheduled reports, which are customized for individual use, provide for the opportunity to perform trend analysis on resource use and other operational issues.


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