Advans Launches ComputerVault Website
Posted by Paul Angelo on June 12, 2019
Category Advans

Advans recently launched a new website:

ComputerVault is an On-Premises Private Cloud that delivers a complete local infrastructure with Virtual Desktops that costs less than purchasing and supporting physical servers, PC’s and laptops.

Available on a subscription basis, a ComputerVault Private Cloud eliminates any upfront capital expenses. There's also no need to buy VPN's, firewalls, routers, UTM's and other network gear.

A ComputerVault Private Cloud offers 100% redundancy for data, desktops, servers, applications and infrastructure components, combined with enhanced security:

  • Protection for Corporate data from malware, spyware and ransomware
  • Failover Capability for Data, Applications and Desktops
  • Failover Capability for Network, Firewall and Remote Access
  • Corporate Data that never leaves the datacenter
  • Lower Support Costs with 24x7 remote monitoring and support
  • Offsite Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Zero Trust Security Model

ComputerVault with VDI is both more secure and less expensive than physical servers, PC’s, laptops and networks.

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