Afraid of putting your data in a Public Cloud?
Posted by Paul Angelo on August 16, 2019
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A ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud keeps data on-site and protects offsite backups. Why? Because putting workloads and data in public clouds create new security threats beyond just how well your cloud provider manages cybersecurity:

  1. There are much larger attack surfaces with undefined boundaries
  2. Resources are no longer under your direct control
  3. DevOps may not be able to keep up with proper permissions

Misconfiguration is a big threat because it’s very easy to grant access permissions. But it’s difficult to keep track of who has them. Overly generous permissions leave workloads vulnerable to data theft and resource exploitation if users are compromised.

A ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud solves these issues:

Data On-site: Keeping data on-site and protected by an advanced cybersecurity suite built on a Zero Trust Security Model, isolates intellectual property from the outside world. Your data is out of the reach of malware, ransomware or thieves.

Protected Offsite Backups: ComputerVault Backup sets can only be read by ComputerVault software. So even if your backups are stored in a public cloud and the files are stolen, no one will be able to read them.

Protect your data, intellectual property and backups with a ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud.

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