ComputerVault Global Deployment
Posted by Paul Angelo on October 13, 2020
Category ComputerVault

With our partners, we deliver virtual desktops to any sized customer, anywhere in the world:

ComputerVault software is licensed with a flat fee subscription based on the number of virtual machines deployed, and not consumption.

ComputerVault is a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner providing Operating System binaries and licenses.

ComputerVault has partnered with OEM’s and the largest distributors of computers and electronics.

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops Solve Work from Home & Bring Your Own Device

ComputerVault Software License includes (i) software administration, (ii) software support, and (iii) installation, configuration, deployment and upgrades.

ComputerVault: faster than a PC and costs less than a PC:

  • Eliminates Indirect Labor Costs for Software Administrators
  • Eliminates Expensive & Lengthy Deployment Projects
  • Eliminates Training Costs

Check out “What is ComputerVault?” on our YouTube page.

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