ComputerVault Hosted on Lenovo Servers
Posted by Paul Angelo on December 10, 2020
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ComputerVault has certified the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 Server for hosting ComputerVault HCI. There are also two documents that describe:

Solution Brief – How ComputerVault works with the Lenovo Server

Data Sheet – The features of ComputerVault and the Lenovo server

You can get both documents and the certification white paper at,

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 exceeded all performance and uptime benchmarks required for ComputerVault HCI software to perform as designed, i.e., faster than a local PC both in the LAN and WAN.

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops Solve Work from Home & Bring Your Own Device

The lightning-fast performance of ComputerVault Virtual desktops hosted on the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570, even when the users were in India and their virtual desktops were hosted in the US, was amazing to see. We even had 500 YouTube videos running simultaneously through multiple virtual desktops, without buffering and network jitter for days at a time.

ComputerVault Software License includes (i) software administration, (ii) software support, and (iii) installation, configuration, deployment and upgrades.

ComputerVault: faster than a PC and costs less than a PC:

  • Eliminates Indirect Labor Costs for Software Administrators
  • Eliminates Expensive & Lengthy Deployment Projects
  • Eliminates Training Costs

Check out “What is ComputerVault?” on our YouTube page.

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