ComputerVault ROI Beats Public Clouds
Posted by Paul Angelo on December 06, 2022
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With the increasing adoption of public cloud services, today approximately 30% of IT budgets are allocated to public clouds. The sales pitch is easy to understand. Don’t bother purchasing equipment and paying people to maintain it yourself, when the cloud can do it for you on a scale you can’t approach and share all those resources across many customers reducing the cost to any one customer.

At least that’s the sales pitch.

In practice, surveys indicate that public cloud costs are higher than expected and still rising. They find that cloud costs are twice as much as initially estimated, and are 2 to 12 times as expensive as having your own infrastructure. It’s no wonder that cloud customers are worried about the uncertainty of costs that are out of their control. The move to shift CapEx costs to an OpEx subscription model is not saving money.

Furthermore, surveys find that repatriating cloud workloads to on-premises and/or private clouds are 1/3 to ½ the cost of running those workloads in a public cloud.

This is the driving force behind hybrid architectures utilizing on-premises, private and public clouds as organizations search for the best model for managing workloads.

An on-premises/private ComputerVault deployment delivering virtual desktops and virtual servers with its own bundled cybersecurity features, yields the highest Return on Investment of any virtualization or comparable product. This is because ComputerVault is a Managed Service. Our ComputerVault Engineers provide the following professional services at a fixed price as part of the software license:

  • Installation Configuration and Deployment the software
  • 24x7 Software Administration, Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting
  • Patching and Upgrades in perpetuity

Like a public cloud, ComputerVault customers don’t have to hire people to maintain the software. But unlike a public cloud, ComputerVault charges a fixed price and does not charge based on consumption.

ComputerVault eliminates cost surprises, makes budgeting simpler and generates the highest ROI for managing workloads.

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