ComputerVault: IoT Backbone Platform
Posted by Paul Angelo on June 12, 2020
Category ComputerVault

Competing IoT products offer a “Solution” requiring application development, customization and coding to deploy. These projects are complex, and scaling them up is even more difficult. Many IoT projects fail for this reason.

ComputerVault IoT Backbone Platform provides Plug ‘n Play IoT connectivity and security, out of the box for any device, IoT application and analytical software, without API’s:

  1. Any Network
  2. Any Topology
  3. Any Traffic – Data, Video, Voice

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Customers are able to use any sensor application and hardware they want, as ComputerVault can connect any Windows or Linux based device. Moreover, ComputerVault is compatible with any data storage and analytical software on the back-end, and they can be hosted on ComputerVault’s central gateway controller cluster. Lastly, ComputerVault remotely supports the entire technology stack as part of the Software License. Also, check out “ComputerVault HCI” on our YouTube page.

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