ComputerVault: Never Pay for Upgrades Again!
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 28, 2020
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Miss an upgrade or two? Software support costs going up because you’re buying extended support contracts and hiring software administrators? Afraid how much the upgrade will cost?

Then get ComputerVault HCI Software, with Virtual Desktops & Servers, IoT Platform and Video Conferencing (coming soon). All software upgrades are included with the Software License. ComputerVault is deployed on-prem or in the datacenter of your choice, so you know where your data is at all times. That license is paid for with a monthly subscription. But unlike DaaS, there is no variable pricing. Costs are fixed, so you always know exactly how much you’ll spend.

Since ComputerVault remotely supports the entire technology stack as part of the Software License, customers don’t need to hire administrators either. Patches and upgrades are applied continuously, so our customers:

  1. Don’t need to hire consultants
  2. Don’t need to hire administrators
  3. Don’t need to pay for upgrades

Bottom Line - Fixed price with no additional costs for upgrades or software administrators.

ComputerVault; the Cutting-Edge technology that offers any business a competitive advantage and makes remote workers just as productive and secure as being in the office, because:

  • Performance:  Faster than a local PC in the LAN and WAN
  • More Secure:  Stops IP theft, malware and phishing attacks
  • Save Money:   Less expensive than any other virtual desktops or a PC

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops perform faster than a PC or laptop on your desk, even when hosted halfway around the world. All workers are just as productive as they would be sitting in your office. ComputerVault prevents copying and downloading data and files so that corporate IP remains in the US hosted on corporate servers. Lastly, ComputerVault costs less than any other virtual desktop product. It even costs less than buying and supporting PC’s.

ComputerVault  has the performance and price that can make it the primary computing device for all users, whether they work from the office, from home or other side of the planet.  All you will need is a monthly subscription for the software license. 24x7 support is included with every ComputerVault subscription.

ComputerVault – The Work Virtual Desktop that can be accessed from anywhere. Also, check out “What is ComputerVault?” on our YouTube page.

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