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Posted by Paul Angelo on November 18, 2019
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Are you a partner or reseller of a virtual desktop DaaS or VDI product? Are you tired of losing out on sales, because your product is so slow it frustrates users? Would you like to sell a virtual desktop product that people actually like and allows them to get rid of their PC’s?

Then become a ComputerVault partner or reseller. Our virtual desktops actually work. And we pay a much better commission/revenue share than the other guys.

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops are installed on site, but performs faster than a local PC in both the LAN and WAN at less than 1/5th the cost of Azure or AWS. Unlike Citrix and VMware, customers don’t need to make a huge capital expenditure upfront to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure solution.

ComputerVault is sold with a monthly subscription like a DaaS product. But as an on-premises solution, customers get:

Greater Data Security:   you always know where your data is

Dedicated Bandwidth:   better throughput control in the WAN

Dedicated Resources:    no Noisy Neighbors in a public cloud

With secure remote access, customers can work from anywhere. Also included is a Cybersecurity suite:

  • Stops Ransomware and Malware
  • Protects Intellectual Property

ComputerVault offers superior performance and unmatched cybersecurity at a fraction of the cost of any other VDI or DaaS. Why would you sell anything else?

Contact ComputerVault today and get on the Winning Team!

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