ComputerVault: Remote Login Capabilities
Posted by Paul Angelo on January 14, 2020
Category ComputerVault

More and more people work remotely than ever before. Some estimates have 50% of US workers working from outside the office at least some of the time. Having the capacity to provide for the secure access of every user is not a trivial issue. VPN solutions are often overburdened which drastically lowers productivity.

Moreover, organizations now have more vulnerabilities as workers access business applications from home or public Wi-Fi.

ComputerVault  is an on-premises solution that includes secure remote access, so workers can work from anywhere seamlessly. The included Cybersecurity suite also:

  • Stops Ransomware and Malware
  • Protects Intellectual Property
  • Maintains Data Privacy

ComputerVault is licensed with a monthly subscription and offers superior performance and unmatched cybersecurity at a fraction of the cost of any other virtual desktop infrastructure or Desktop-as-a-Service product. There’s also no need to invest in and support a third-party VPN solution, either.

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