Do Not Get Duped by IT Outsourcing Firms
Posted by Paul Angelo on March 19, 2019
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The goal of staff augmentation procurement is to obtain the best people at the best price. Don’t get burned by these common place staffing and outsourcing vendors shenanigans:

  • Employee Warehousing
  • Bait ‘n Switch
  • Resume Dumping

Employee Warehousing: Most vendors maintain their consultants as Full-Time Employees on their W-2, because that has higher profit margins than subcontracting. But the vendor must pay the consultants even when the consultant is not billing a client, i.e., on the “bench.” This is why vendors will often attempt to place unqualified bench consultants with their customers so as not to suffer a financial loss.

Bait ‘n Switch: How do you get an unqualified consultant placed with a customer? The vendor will have a qualified person interview for the job, while pretending to be another consultant on the vendor’s bench. When a job is offered, the unqualified bench consultant then presents themselves to the customer.

Resume Dumping: When sourcing candidates from the open market, most vendors do not have a thorough qualifying mechanism for candidates. The easiest thing to do is throw tens of resumes at each opening without regard to the consultant’s qualifications. Reviewing large numbers of resumes consumes an enormous amount of time for the customer, and, fatigue invariably leads to poor hiring decisions.

Eventually customers realize that the consultant they hired recently is unqualified, but does not know whether this was a poor hiring decision or if the vendor has deceived them. The bottom line is the vendor keeps the consultant off the bench at the expense of their customer.

Advans Staffing Model is specifically designed to overcome these challenges:

Subcontract: Advans does not maintain a bench, but instead subcontracts its consultants from hundreds of partners it has developed over the years. Advans has no financial incentive to place unqualified candidates.

Qualified: All Advans candidates are carefully vetted as to their soft and technical skills. Only qualified candidates are submitted to customers so good hires are made in much less time.

Advans is an IT Consulting firm and we develop our own products. We know technology so you don’t waste time trying to hire the wrong person.

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