Endpoints are a Perpetual Threat
Posted by Peo Nathan on October 18, 2019
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Endpoints, such as, PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, VoIP extensions and so many more, are perpetual cyber security threats. No amount of security software would fully prevent the endpoints from being a security threat to the corporate and private data. Because, hackers are always a step ahead of those security software makers and the human error with endpoint vulnerabilities is perpetual too. Hackers create the cyber security exploitation business plans and the software companies make the investments to stop those exploitations. So, what is the solution to protect the corporate and private data?

The solution comes from the acceptance that good guys are a step behind the bad guys! It may be hard to accept that fact, but, that is the truth. That means, any system exposed to internet are vulnerable to cyber criminals. So, all the systems that hosts corporate and private data should be quarantined from the big bad internet. Most digital security professionals would recommend this approach. But, to make use of the corporate and private data that runs the commercial engine require access to that data through endpoints.

Endpoints could also be quarantined from the big bad internet through network isolation, architectural design and proactive security. At the same time, modern workforce require access to internet either because we are eternally wired to social media or too dependent on e-commerce. Our endpoints can be hijacked by incognito invasion by Trojans from a compromised site or by phishing emails or malicious email attachments. In short, human error cannot be eliminated and because of this reason, an architectural solution married with the well-known proactive security techniques is a must.

Endpoint security is the key to defeating the cyber criminals and that security has to be proactive and not reactive. Security software such as virus or malware definition updates are reactive and there is always a window of opportunity for the criminals to strike before a malicious signature’s antidote is available in any typical virus definition updates. There are hundreds of thousands of yet to be discovered spam bots, malware, ransomware and spyware floating on the ocean called internet. If your endpoint is not compromised today, it is simply a probability that you did not encounter a malicious attack today and perhaps you have been careful! That probability of evading those cyber threats is only going to decrease over the course of time.

Architecture, proactive security and rapid identification, quarantine, destruction, and refurbishment of compromised end points are all parts of the puzzle to protect corporate and private data against cyber threats and the operational efficiency. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure could be one part of that puzzle in isolating endpoints that interact with the corporate and private data. There are several challenges with the virtual desktop software vendors, such as, prohibitive capital cost, network bottleneck and poor performance that hurts the productivity of the virtual desktop users, aka, employees. Architecture and proactive security to help people from making unpredictable and unintentional mistakes are the other parts of the puzzle in solving the modern cyber threats and the operational efficiency of the modern workforce.

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