Ethical and Responsible Outsourcing
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2017
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Outsourcing is inevitable. Global sourcing of commodities, finished goods, services and labor has been an economic fact for centuries. Advans is deeply committed to Ethical & Responsible outsourcing to provide the best possible service to our IT Project and Outsourcing customers:

Every Advans Contract has met all its technical objectives

Every Advans Contract has finished on time and on budget

Advans has never failed because of a combination of Management Policies and Technology Solutions:

  • Advans does not misrepresent the qualifications/abilities of our staff
  • Advans leverages proprietary technology, such as netPulz, to facilitate results

By employing people qualified to fill their role, whether they work onsite, onshore or offshore, and by treating them with respect, our staff achieves the desired results because they are not overwhelmed attempting to deliver services beyond their capabilities. We have very low staff turnover giving our customer’s continuity and retaining our staff’s expertise and knowledge of our customer’s systems.

Become another satisfied Advans customer – contact us today to get the best in outsourcing.

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