Keys to Outsourcing
Posted by Paul Angelo on May 21, 2017
Category Advans

It’s inevitable. You don’t want to pay someone $100,000 to apply patches. You’ve got more important things to do and you want to spend wisely.

But outsourcing is not easy, as you are supplanting one set of issues with another. There are two keys to get it right:

  • Knowing what to outsource and what not to outsource
  • Increasing the productivity of the entire team

You outsource well-defined, repetitive tasks. Save the high value-added tasks for onsite/onshore staff. Use a blended team of onsite/onshore and offshore staff to ensure the quality of service you expect while controlling costs.

Advans specializes in outsourcing with blended teams. We’ve even developed our netPulz technology to seamlessly integrate onsite/onshore staff with the offshore staff. Leveraging technology correctly increases the productivity of the whole team regardless of their physical location.

Over time, the offshore staff can provide higher value-added input as they learn your environment. But you still need points of contact onsite to own the work and coordinate everyone’s efforts. By focusing on productivity and being realistic about how to divide up the work, you can achieve the results you want.

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