No Expectation of Privacy in a Public Cloud
Posted by Paul Angelo on July 13, 2021
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A vice president of Microsoft recently testified to the House Judiciary Committee regarding federal law enforcement issuing thousands of warrants and secrecy orders to public cloud providers to search customer data:

The result is that public cloud customers can’t exercise their Fourth Amendment rights:

  • Search request warrants for data are very broad and indefinite
  • A secrecy order is issued preventing the cloud provider from notifying the customer
  • Customers are completely unaware of the search

ComputerVault maintains that an on-premises private cloud is the only way to take advantage of the flexibility of cloud technology and maintain data privacy.

ComputerVault, which is an on-premises private cloud, also includes software administration of the infrastructure by ComputerVault engineers as part of the software license.

In addition to significantly lowering the TCO, data privacy is maintained because ComputerVault engineers do not have access to corporate data and files.

ComputerVault Managed On-Premises Private Cloud with Complete Customer Privacy/Control

The automation of ComputerVault software provide mobility, flexibility, performance and ease of use with the lowest TCO and unmatched ROI for any workload. The ComputerVault Software License includes (i) software administration, (ii) software support, and (iii) installation, configuration, deployment and upgrades with customers having complete control over their own data.

ComputerVault is a Single Platform Solution that includes Virtual Desktops, Virtual Application Servers, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, Internet-of-Things Edge-to-Core Management, Virtual Networking, Soft VoIP and private video conferencing.

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