Protect IP with ComputerVault Cybersecurity
Posted by Paul Angelo on September 06, 2019
Category ComputerVault

Earlier in this series, Advans described that the best way to protect Intellectual Property is to isolate it from the outside world. This is done with ComputerVault Virtual Desktops which keep IP out of reach of malware, ransomware or thieves.

In addition to isolating IP, a ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud also has a complete cybersecurity suite, built on a Zero Trust Security Model

Intrusion Detection System

Active Directory Integration

Intrusion Protection System

Office 365 Integration

Unified Threat Management

Encrypted Connections


White Listed Connections



This digital security suite consists of these and other, Best in Class commercially available cybersecurity features. Every ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud is also connected to Advans’ Network Operations Center for 24x7 Remote Monitoring and Support.

ComputerVault even stops phishing emails from downloading malware and ransomware. So even if you get fooled, are inattentive or just plain unlucky, a ComputerVault Virtual Desktop will save you.

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