Staffing: The Advans Advantage
Posted by Paul Angelo on August 16, 2017
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Staffing: The Advans Advantage

GDP Growth was 2.6% in Q2 2017. Advans is seeing an uptick in hiring by our staffing customers, and they are telling us to expect an acceleration of hiring through 2018 to pre-recession levels. This summer, we hired several more recruiters in anticipation of future demand.

Our customers are making changes too. Many of them have retooled their IT vendor relationships by dropping some vendors and adding new ones. Other are deploying new Vendor Management Software, (“VMS”) software to make hiring more efficient.

There are bigger changes going on right now too. Companies have found that their staffing Managed Service Providers, (“MSP”), really aren’t vendor neutral. Analysis shows companies have been paying too much for IT labor. Companies are either eliminating their MSP programs and adopting a Do-it-Yourself model or redefining how their MSP operates.

Advans has been added as a new staffing vendor for several large companies this summer, because we offer several advantages:

  • Not a Staffing Firm – Our DNA is IT Consulting and we know IT
  • Understand Technology – We even develop our own software products
  • Lower overhead than the giant staffing firms – our candidates cost less

Because we understand technology, our customers don’t waste time sifting through resumes of candidates that are not suitable. We’re more nimble and we don’t have a bloated overhead with profit margins to match. Our customers get better qualified candidates at lower prices.

If you’re not hiring IT staff now, you will be soon. Get Advans onboard to do IT right.

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