Stop Ransomware with ComputerVault
Posted by Paul Angelo on September 06, 2019
Category ComputerVault

People make mistakes. The best way to protect Intellectual Property is to isolate it from the outside world. So even if a mistake happens, your corporate data and files will not be compromised.

A ComputerVault Virtual Desktop can access corporate IP and data from anywhere, while keeping it out of reach of malware, ransomware or thieves. ComputerVault Virtual Desktops have two parts:

  • Clients can only access the virtual desktop
  • Virtual Desktops hosted on a server

There’s no exchange of files or data between the client and virtual desktop. The virtual desktop can be completely cut off from the Internet. If some sites must be accessed, a whitelist of safe sites can be used.

Internet browsing is performed by the client, and not the virtual desktop. If the client gets infected, that malware can’t be uploaded to the virtual desktop. And there’s no corporate data or files on the client.

Even if you click on a phishing email link inside your virtual desktop, no malware can get downloaded, because the site in the link is not on your whitelist. It’s completely unreachable to the virtual desktop. So even if you get fooled, are inattentive or just plain unlucky, a ComputerVault Virtual Desktop will save you.

ComputerVault makes IT idiot proof.

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