VDI That Works
Posted by Paul Angelo on November 28, 2018
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Would you like to see a demonstration of a Virtual Desktop product that actually works?

Check out Advans’ ComputerVault VDI product
Demo System.

At this link you can request a demo account to use a virtual desktop and view the functionality of its administrative console. The virtual desktop and administrative console may be accessed from anywhere in the world using standard broadband Internet with either a browser or a software client which can be downloaded from the demo system.

This is a great way for offsite/offshore workers and outsourcing partners to securely access corporate resources. For example, our employees in Chennai, India, access virtual desktops hosted in Advans’ Marlborough, MA datacenter with ComputerVault Thin Clients and standard broadband Internet.

Other customers have outsourced support of their infrastructure to Advans with a ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud which provides access to virtual desktops and corporate applications in both the LAN and WAN.

The Administration Console provides real-time management of the entire technology stack including:

: Firewall, Routing, IDS, IPS, VPN etc.
Monitoring & Auditing: Monitoring and Auditing of the entire network and user activities.
nPWeb: netPulz Networking Component to access virtual desktops via browser.
nP-VI: Interface for managing the virtualization features.
Infrastructure Management: A single seat to manage the networks, servers and storage.

Advans deploys and supports the entire platform; hardware, software and networking.

If you’d like to get a virtual desktop product that performs like a local machine and is priced like a PC, then get a demo account from Advans to see how ComputerVault VDI works.


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