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Generacity is a robust fundraising and administration platform for schools, colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations.
  • What is G Fund?

    The Generacity Donor Relationship Management platform is a Software-as-a-Service application hosted in Advans’ cloud containing Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, nonprofit organization administration and fundraising tools all fully integrated with a social networking site. The social networking site is a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn, and has a Facebook app so that Generacity may be accessed from within Facebook for clients that prefer using Facebook as their social networking portal. Social networking fosters better relationships between nonprofit organizations and their donors. Donors can invite others to the network expanding their constituent base. The ability to track all the constituent interactions yields richer information for better fundraising and constituent involvement.G Fund manages campaigns, pledges, gifting, memberships, events, online ticket purchasing and accepts online payments with a variety of payment options. The status of campaigns and events are updated in real time to guide decision making. Tasks such as sending acknowledgements and receipts, either as printed letters or emails are processed automatically. Newsletters and email blasts are sent directly from the G Fund so that there is no need to export and import data into third-party tools. All such communications are logged and a rich HTML editor is provided so that organizations can design their own newsletters or import existing ones.A reporting suite, with over 50 prebuilt reports, an intuitive report builder and a robust Business Intelligence application provide deep insights into your constituents and the operations of your organization.

  • Data Migration

    Built-in data migration tools are used to move existing constituent data into G Fund. Customers may either migrate the data themselves, or have Advans do it for them. Another option is to integrate existing software applications with G Fund. Please contact Advans for specifics on how this is done.

  • Business Intelligence

    G Fund brings powerful insight and self-service reporting capabilities with an integrated top-of-the-line business intelligence tool. Now all your data pertaining to constituents, gifts, pledges, campaigns, events, etc., are available for detailed analysis, stunning visual exploration, and informative dashboards from this business intelligence platform and its mobile apps. This highly interactive and easy to use self-service web interface offers user-driven out-of-the-box analytics to access, visualize and analyze data without the need for report developers or the assistance of your IT department.

  • Marketing

    Social media has the ability to reach an enormous audience. But capturing the online experience and using it to engender better relationships and build a larger constituency is very difficult. G Fund does that with its own social networking site and with social media apps that allow your constituents to interact from the social media sites they are currently using. Check out the Facebook app to see how to harness this ability.Constituents can now invite their friends to join the groups managed by nonprofit organizations and become constituents outright. Several online donation options let you put your best foot forward to increase your donations. The sophisticated social media tools of G Fund empower your constituents to become your advocates and grow your organization for you.

  • Demo

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